Track & Trace

Multiple AWB tracking

AWB - 1 -  
AWB - 2 -  
AWB - 3 -  
AWB - 4 -  
AWB - 5 -


BKD Shipment is booked and is Confirmed DEP Shipment has Departed
BKD Shipment is booked and is in Queue NFD Consignee Notified of Shipment Arrival
RCS Shipment is Accepted DLV Shipment Delivered to Consignee
Planned Shipment is accepted and is in FBL(Freight Booking List) Re-planned Off-loaded shipment is re-planned and is in FBL
(Freight Booking List)
MAN Shipment is Manifested Lying At Shipment/pc is lying as off-loaded at respective station
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